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Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Anathema
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Anathema A Vision of a Dying Embrace CD_DVD Peaceville
A Vision of A Dying Embrace captures a night of spellbinding Doom Metal magic from an Anathema live show in Krakow, Poland, in 1996. 
CD/DVD edition, with the DVD featuring four Anathema promo videos in addition to the live show itself.
Whilst still reasonably early in the career of the band, and with rhythm guitarist Vincent Cavanagh taking on vocal duties only relatively recently for the sublime ‘The Silent Enigma’ opus, the set contained a whole selection of now-established classics from Anathema’s first two studio albums and ‘Pentecost III’ EP, with epics like ‘A Dying Wish’, ‘Sleepless’, and ‘Mine is Yours’ captured in their purest and rawest form in the live setting. 
Anathema has spent the vast majority of their career making music that defies description. As part of the “Peaceville three”, along with Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride, Anathema have carved a strong legacy since their inception at the turn of the 1990s, to become a widely revered & respected band within both the metal world & beyond, as their sound & compositions progressed from doom/death metal into more rock & progressive territory with each subsequent release, becoming one of the UK’s most cherished and critically acclaimed rock bands.
1 Restless Oblivion 
2 Shroud Of Frost 
3 We, The Gods
4 Sunset Of Age
5 Mine Is Yours To Drown In
6 Sleepless
7 The Silent Enigma
8 A Dying Wish
9 666
1 Sweet Tears (promo)
2 Mine Is Yours (promo)
3 The Silent Enigma (promo)
4 Hope (promo)
5 Intro 
6 Restless Oblivion 
7 Shroud Of Frost 
8 We, The Gods 
9 Sunset Of Age 
10 Mine Is Yours To Drown In 
11 Sleepless 
12 The Silent Enigma 
13 A Dying Wish