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Format: CD
Artist: Alwanzatar
CatNo: ARP007CD
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Alwanzatar Heliotropiske Reiser CD Tusmørke
Heliotropiske Reiser (2017) is an album of instrumental explorations taking influences from spaced out kraut rock, ambient, dub, acid house and electronic progressive rock.
Krizla plays the flute and theremin, as well as a large number of interconnected hardware synthesisers, sequencers, drum machines and looping devices, with tape echoes and other effects. Wepwawet (Spectral Haze, Wudewuse) plays blistering electric guitar on one track.
1. Dyrene Våkner
2. Heavy nå

3. Stjernene blekner

4. Rikosjett

5. De som vender seg fra Solen