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Format: CD
Artist: Airbag
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Airbag The_Century_of_the_Self CD Bjorn_Riis Limited
Airbag's sixth studio album, The Century of the Self, showcases the band's trademark fusion of mellow introspection and dynamic energy.
Embracing introspection and intensity, the album includes evocative ballads and powerful heavy refrains.  
Includes the 14 minute Tear it Down, the album delves into themes of cancel culture and the rewriting of personal histories. A poignant commentary on a world steeped in fear and condemnation, The Century of the Self stands as a testament to Airbag's enduring creativity and artistic vision.

Limited CD edition in digisleeve.

1. Dysphoria
2. Tyrants and Kings
3. Awakening
4. Erase
5. Tear it Down