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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Yardbirds
CatNo: DEMREC117
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vinyl Roger The Engineer Yardbirds
The Yardbirds 1966 release brilliantly combined the band's Blues roots with influences from Indian Raga and the burgeoning Psychedelic scene. Due to the influence of Jeff Beck's innovate experimentation with guitar distortion, the album is also considered something of a precursor to Heavy Metal.
This 2016 180g Demon label LP reissue features the classic non-album single Happenings Ten Years Time Ago / Psycho Daisies at the end of Side Two.
Side One:
1. Lost Women 3:15 
2. Over Under Sideways Down 2:23 
3. The Nazz Are Blue 3:07 
4. I Can't Make Your Way 2:28 
5. Rack My Mind 3:15 
6. Farewell 1:32 
Side Two:
1. Hot House Of Omagararshid 2:48 
2. Jeff's Boogie 2:25 
3. He's Always There 2:32 
4. Turn Into Earth 3:17 
5. What Do You Want 3:26 
6. Ever Since The World Began 2:07 
7. Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 2:57 
8. Psycho Daisies 1:50