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Live at the 013 The Pineapple Thief MP3


Mainman Bruce Soord says: "We've been talking about doing a live DVD for a while now and after nine studio albums, I think it's long overdue .If you look for us on YouTube all you get are dodgy phone recordings, some of which date back to the dawn of time, and we sound like we're playing like cavemen too.''
"We decided to put an 'official bootleg' out there to show people what the modern TPT sounds like. But 'bootleg' does it a disservice really it's very true to our live show and captures the energy nicely."
"It's not as polished as a studio recording, but that's the whole point of a live record, isn't it? Rush and Yes didn't have computers, overdubs and extra stadium applause when they released their double live vinyls in the 70s. I wanted to be true to that philosophy."
13-track, 72-minute running time.
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all the wars
wake up the dead
last man standing
3000 days
burning pieces
show a little love
warm seas
give it back
build a world
someone here is missing
reaching out
nothing at best