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Format: CD
Artist: Se Delan
CatNo: KSCOPE286_del
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The Fall Se Delan CD

The Fall is the debut release from Se Delan, the duo of Justin Greaves -the multi-instrumentalist leader of Crippled Black Phoenix - and Swedish singer, Belinda Kordic (ex-Killing Mood).

An exciting stylistic departure from anything Greaves has worked on before, the duo's combination of shared influences ('Music, film and life.') and its instinctive and sympathetic creative relationship has resulted in a beguiling and haunting album that both fits in with and expands upon the refined Kscope label aesthetic.
Digibook edition. 
1. Intro (3:08)
2. Chasing Changes (5:32)
3. Beneath The Sea (6:15)
4. Little One (4:51)
5. Today (3:07)
6. Tonight (4:10)
7. The Hunt (3:52)
8. Dirge (4:56)
9. On My Way (5:15)
10. Lost Never Found (5:17)