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Format: dvd
Artist: Rush
CatNo: EREDV792
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2112 Moving Pictures Rush dvd
The authorised story of two landmark Rush albums, 2112 and Moving Pictures, illustrating the constantly evolving nature of the band.
The DVD contains exclusive interviews with band members Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, along with exclusive performances, archive footage and an in depth examination of the original multi-track tapes with the band and producer Terry Brown.
Bonus material includes over 54 minutes of additional interviews and exclusive footage not included in the broadcast version.
Running time: 112 mins approx.
NTSC 0, 16:9 screen format, Dolby Digital Stereo
1 Intro
2 Before 2112
3 2112
4 A Passage To Bangkok
5 The Twilight Zone
6 Move To Moving Pictures
7 Red Barchetta
9 Tom Sawyer
10 Limelight
Bonus Material
11 2112 Overture
12 Influences
13 Something For Nothing
14 This Is Not A Drum Solo
15 Geddy On Neil & Alex
16 Neil On Geddy & Alex
17 Red Barchetta
18 Neil Waxes Lyrical
19 Tom Sawyer
20 Alex On Geddy & Neil
21 Why YYZ ?