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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Nordic Giants
CatNo: KSCOPE869_deleted
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Build Seas Dismantle Suns Nordic Giants vinyl

The debut label release for new Kscope signings Nordic Giants is a compilation of the band's two 2013 self released EPs available in one package for the first time.

Nordic Giants, the latest band to join the Kscope roster, have spent the last couple of years bringing their bespoke formula of claustrophobic post-rock cinematic sound to audiences across the UK. Ahead of the debut album coming in early 2015, the band's 2013 self-released EPs 'Build Seas' & 'Dismantle Suns' are being released together for the first time.
'Build Seas', includes the current single 'Violent Lights' featuring soaring vocals from the visceral Alex Hedley (Saturday Sun). The further 3 tracks vary from electronic riffs, to epic trumpets, rousing drums and the dreamy vocals of featured artist Freyja. The 'Dismantle Suns' EP features vocalist Alyusha from The Boxettes on the track 'Little Bird'.
Seeing Nordic Giants has been likened a religious experience. Equal part art installation and band, they are anonymous behind their extravagant feather and bone masques, smoke and strobe lights. Nordic Giants unleash cinematic euphoria, saturated with swelling ambience, pounding drums, epic builds and massive riffs as they switch instruments and guests float in and out of the stage with each performance accompanied by award-winning short films.
Build Seas, Dismantle Suns evocatively contains moments of almost unbridled euphoria, delicate wistfulness and apocalyptic terror.
180gm clear vinyl edition.
 "It's music that the word 'cinematic' was invented for." - Echoes and Dust
"Nordic Giants may be elusive, but they put on one hell of a show." - Fred Perry Subculture
"Exciting, passionate and well-crafted, the Nordic Giants' show is a tour de force." - William Goodchild, BBC Film Composer


1. Violent Lights ft Alex Hedley (4:12)
2. Drumfire (3:53)
3. Neotenie (4:54)
4. Between Two Worlds ft Freyja (7:41)
1. Little Bird ft Alyusha (5:36)
2. Mechanical Minds (4:47)
3. Strangest Tides ft Heymun (5:09)
4. Dark Clouds Mean War (6:02)