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Format: CD
Artist: My Dying Bride
CatNo: SMDCD901
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My Dying Bride Introducing Introducing My Dying Bride CD

With tracks covering two decades of releases, Introducing My Dying Bride provides a glimpse into the evolution of one of the progenitors of the Doom and Atmospheric Metal scenes.

The double cd set spans a fascinating two decade career dedicated to creating the darkest and heaviest music imaginable, while also atmospherically evoking the melancholy poetic landscapes of vocalist and lyricist Aaron Stainthorpe. 
Compiled by the band and featuring sleeve notes, this is an ideal way to sample the best of 20 years' work at a budget price.


CD 1:
1. The Snow In My Hand (7:09)
2. The Cry Of Mankind (12:13)
3. A Kiss To Remember (7:31)
4. Sear Me III (5:27)
5. My Hope, The Destroyer (6:44)
6. The Scarlet Garden (7:49)
CD 2:
1. My Wine In Silence (5:53)
2. To Remain Tombless (6:08)
3. My Body, A Funeral (6:47)
4. Bring Me Victory (4:07)
5. In Your Dark Pavilion (10:03 )
6. That Dress And Summer Skin (9:38)