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Format: CD
Artist: Marcel Singor
CatNo: GVR018
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Futureproof Marcel Singor cd


Since winning the Dutch National Guitar Awards at the age of 13, Marcel Singor has been a household name in the world of virtuoso lead guitar. Futureproof is his debut solo release. 
Created alongside producer Bas Bron (the musical mastermind of "De jeugd van tegenwoordig, "Bastian"), Futureproof creatively combines an unlikely mix of styles including Bron's brand of synth-heavy retro-futuristic soundscapes and Singor's dazzling, lead playing, strongly melodic vocals and songwriting. 


1. Authority (4:54)
2. Peaking (4:52)
3. Let's Not Talk (4:03)
4. Futureproof (6:15)
5. Did That Really Just Happen (4:27)
6. Late Contender (2:56)
7. Flash (6:21)
8. Colour My Time (5:22)
9. Practice (2:33)
10. Starstruck (5:37)
11. Technicolor (5:37)
Digital Extras:
Soundbite (5:06)
Side FX (5:54)