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Format: CD
Artist: Kompendium
CatNo: TMRSE1113
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Elements Kompendium cd
Magenta mainman Rob Reed has launched a companion edition of his award-winning Kompendium album Beneath The Waves. It includes a new version of the track A Moment Of Clarity, featuring vocalists Steve Balsamo and Tesni Jones.
The 2012 record features guest appearances by Steve Hackett, Francis Dunnery, Gavin Harrison, Nick Beggs, Jakko Jakszyk and many others and it was named Best Album of 2012 by the Classic Rock Society.
Beneath The Waves: Elements offers a new look at the concept album, presenting over two hours of music including unreleased songs, demos and alternate takes, plus a fully-instrumental mix of the original work.
Reed tells Prog: "It took over 3 years to make the album, which meant the songs went through some pretty drastic musical transformations. Some were even dropped from the finished album due to time constraints.
"Elements showcases those tracks for the first time, alongside material that shows the development and musical building blocks of the original album. It's a fascination companion to the Beneath The Waves itself."
1.Opening Narration
2.Exordium Part 1
3.Exordium Coda 
4.Exordium Part 2
7.Mercy Of The Sea
8.The Storm Part 1
9.The Storm/Reprise
10.The Storm Part 2
11.Beneath The Waves
12.Sole Survivor
14.Il Tempo e Giunto
15.A Moment Of Clarity
16.One Small Step
17.Reunion V1
18.Stars V2
19.Alone End V1
21.Reunion V2
22.Alone End V2
23.Reunion V3
24.Reunion V4
Complete instrumental mix of original CD