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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Glass Hammer
CatNo: PLG009
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double vinyl Perilous Glass Hammer
Perilous, Glass Hammer's 13th studio release, is a concept album in the grand Gothic tradition.
Combining the traditional symphonic progressive nature of the likes of Yes and ELP with a US Rock slant, Glass Hammer's profile has recently risen due to the band's lead vocalist, Jon Davison, joining Yes.
A numbered double heavyweight vinyl release in a gatefold sleeve.
Side 1:
1. The Sunset Gate
2. Beyond They Dwell
3. The Restless Ones
4. They Cast Their Spell
Side 2:
1. We Slept, We Dreamed
2. The Years Were Sped
3. Our Foe Revealed
Side 3:
1. Toward Home We Fled
2. As the Sun Dipped Low
3. The Wolf Gave Chase
4. We Fell At Last
5. In That Lonely Place
Side 4:
1. Where Sorrows Died And Came No More
2. Dancers in Twilight
3. And Then She Sighed
4. A Grain Of Sand
- Fred Schendel / keyboards, guitars and backing vocals
- Steve Babb / bass guitar, keyboards and backing vocals
- Kamran Alan Shikoh / electric, classical and acoustic guitars
- Jon Davison / lead vocals
- The Adonia String Trio: 
Rebecca James / violin, Susan Hawkins-Whitacre / viola, and Rachel Breckman / cello
- Randall Williams / drums
- Amber Fults / lead vocals (In That Lonely Place)
- The McCallie School Guitar Choir / guitars
- The Chattanooga Girls Choir / vocals
- Latin Choir / vocals
- Carey Shinbaum / recorders and oboe
- Tim Wardle / additional backing vocals