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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
CatNo: SMALP1011C
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Boston Volume 3 Fleetwood Mac Vinyl


A double 180g LP featuring the classic Then Play On era Fleetwood Mac line-up of Mick Fleetwood, Peter Green, Danny Kirwan, John McVie and Jeremy Spencer.
Originally recorded at the Boston Tea Party venue over three nights in February 1970, for a planned release later the same year, these recordings were left unissued, following leader Peter Green's sudden decision to leave the band a few weeks after the performances. 
This vinyl release is the third of three volumes that document Fleetwood Mac's Boston performances.
Pressed on double heavyweight (180g) vinyl and packaged in a gatefold sleeve with printed inner bags.

Side 1:

1. Jumping At Shadows (4:17)
2. Sandy Mary (5:21)
3. If You Let Me Love You (10:30)
Side 2:
1. Loving Kind (2:57)
2. Coming Your Way (7:06)
3. Madison Blues (4:49)
4. Got To Move (3:56)
Side 3:
1. The Sun Is Shining (3:11)
2. Oh Baby (4:26)
3. Tiger (3:44)
4. Great Balls Of Fire (3:16)
Side 4:
1. Tutti Frutti (6:45)
2. On We Jam (7:56)