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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers
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Vinyl Crazy Cavan Live At Picketts Lock 1 2

On 15th May 1976, more than 5000 Rock'n'Roll fans converged on London from all corners of the British Isles to march in protest at the dearth of Rock'n'Roll on the radio.  That summer the protest bore fruit when club deejays Stuart Colman and Geoff Barker took to the airwaves with their weekly It's Rock'n'Roll show on BBC Radio 1. The day's events culminated in a celebratory concert at the Picketts Lock sports centre in Edmonton with Crazy Cavan headlining.  

Recorded at the height of the Rock'n'Roll revival, the atmospheric Live At Picketts Lock captures the excitement of Cavan & co. on stage and showcases many of the songs which have since become the bedrock of their live gigs.  Produced by the legendary John Schroeder and originally released in France on two 10'' albums in 1983, this double vinyl set replicates the original 10" format and comprises both volumes housed in a photo-laden gatefold sleeve.  


1. Wildest Cat In Town [02:11]
2. Teddy Boy Rock 'n' roll [01:49]
3. Got A Date With Sally [02:11]
4. Sadie [03:44]
5. Long Tall Sally [01:55]
6. Blue Suede Shoes [01:47]
1. My Little Teddy Girl [02:11]
2. Nobody Else Like You [02:40]
3. Tongue-tied Jill [02:02]
4. Old Black Joe [03:13]
5. Teddy Boy Blues [02:27]
6. Bop, Pretty Baby [02:36]
1. Caroline [03:33]
2. Monkey And The Baboon [02:32]
3. One Hand Loose [02:11]
4. Big Blonde Baby [01:25]
5. Whatcha Gonna Do When The Creek Runs Dry [02:03]
6. Alabama Shake [01:42]
1. Rockabilly Star [02:14]
2. Hard Rock Cafe [02:18]
3. Stompin' Shoes [02:45]
4. She's The One To Blame [02:24]
5. Saturday Nite [02:35]
6. Real Gone Lover (Aka Nervous Fella) [02:55]