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The Enid The Bridge Show Live At Union C dvd blu-ray
A unique document of a unique experience.
Set in the make-believe world of Eniland, the show opens with the fictional character Queen Enid addressing the audience with a speech entitled "Eniland Can Take It". The performance uses videos throughout the show to pose cynical questions about the strengths and dangers of nationalism, capitalism, entitlement, smoke-screen government projects, free-press, propaganda and self-sacrifice. All of this plus the extraordinary music of The Enid.
Act 1:
1) Land of Hope and Glory "Eniland Can Take It"
2) One and the Many
3) "Welcome to Eniland"
4) Terra Firma
5) Earthborn
6) Witch Hunt
7) "Project Mars"
8) My Gravity-Malacandra
9) Dark Hydraulic "Common Enemy"
Act 2:
1) Wings
2) "A Sickness of the Mind"
3) Something Wicked This Way Comes
4) Leviticus
5) Someone Shall Rise
6) Judgement
7) Shiva
8) Encore