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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMALP1139
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The Pretty Things The Final Bow double vinyl
The legendary cult heroes' final electric performance, recorded at the O2 Indigo London in December 2018. 
The Final Bow captures The Pretty Things at their rocking and unique best across 3 sets of classic tracks featuring special guest appearances from David Gilmour and Van Morrison
Double vinyl edition.
This 2LP set features a selection of the evening's recordings presented in a gatefold sleeve featuring photography from Judy Totton and printed inner bags with liner notes written by Phil May of his life as the frontman of the ballsy and successful rock band. The audio was recorded by Ben McCusker, mastered by Gwyn Matthias and produced by Mark St. John.
Invaluable to the development of British music, The Pretty Things have been a critical success and a huge influence on artists as diverse as David Bowie, Aerosmith, The Ramones, Bob Dylan, The Sex Pistols, The White Stripes, Kasabian and many, many more - who site their outrageous behaviour, incandescent stage performances and astonishing catalogue of remarkable, ground-breaking recordings as fundamental in the creation of their own work.
This electric performance features all of the youthful and incendiary vigour from their 60s beginnings, showing off a technical prowess by performing tracks from their full range of styles: first wave R'n'B, psychedelic rock, and the blues. Led by founding vocalist and guitarist Phil May & Dick Taylor, the band was driven by their current line-up consisting Frank Holland, Jack Greenwood & George Woosey and featured returns from original recording band members Skip Allen, Wally Waller & John Povey. The evening was transformed from unmissable to sensational with the guest performances of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour on classics including "Cries from the Midnight Circus" & "L.S.D.", and legendary vocalist Van Morrison on blues classic "Baby, Please Don't Go" & soul standard "You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover". The Final Bow should be compulsory for anyone with the slightest interest in popular music and the youth and social revolution of the 1960s.
1. Intro (Live at the 02) [00:22]
2. Honey, I Need (Live at the 02) [02:33]
3. Don't Bring Me Down (Live at the 02) [02:51]
4. Get The Picture? (Live at the 02) [03:00]
5. The Same Sun (Live at the 02) [03:21]
6. Alexander/Defecting Grey (Live at the 02) [08:43]
1. Midnight To Six Man (Live at the 02) [04:05]
2. Mr. Evasion (Live at the 02) [03:29]
3. S.F. Sorrow Set Intro (Live at the 02) [00:17]
4. Scene One (Live at the 02) [01:18]
5. S.F. Sorrow Is Born (Live at the 02) [03:17]
6. She Says Good Morning (Live at the 02) [04:31]
7. I See You (Live at the 02) [06:07]
1. Cries From The Midnight Circus (Live at the 02) [06:51]
2. End Set Intro (Live at the 02) [00:54]
3. Can't Be Satisfied (Live at the 02) [04:27]
4. Van Morrison Intro (Live at the 02) [01:25]
5. Baby, Please Don't Go (Live at the 02) [03:09]
6. You Cant Judge A Book By Its Cover (Live at the 02) [02:58]
7. Come See Me (Live at the 02) [03:01]
1. L.S.D. / Old Man Going (Live at the 02) [13:24]
2. Encore Intro (Live at the 02) [00:22]
3. Rosalyn (Live at the 02) [03:04]
4. Phil's Final Words (Live at the 02) [00:37]
5. Loneliest Person (Live at the 02) [02:00]