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No Ordinary Man
Artist: Cipher
Format: cd

Originally released in 1999, 'No Ordinary Man' is an ideal introduction to Theo Travis and Dave S..
Sampler One
Artist: Burning Shed
Format: cd-r

A budget compilation containing tracks from all of the albums currently available on the Burning ..
Urban Mutant
Artist: UXB
Format: cd-r

Arguably, Pete Morgan's Trance project UXB was Orbital's more talented little brother. Collected ..
Artist: Os
Format: cd-r

At last a proper CD release for the work of's favourite and spikiest son. Co..
Pete Gregory At Home With His Bad Self
Artist: Um
Format: cd-r

Part Bowie, part Baby Bird, part 23rd Century court jester on a George Formby tip, Um's 'Pete Gre..
Fallout 1
Artist: Darkroom
Format: cd-r

The first in Darkroom's live Fallout trilogy, this collection mainly dates from performances in L..
Noisebox Singles (1996-1997)
Artist: Navigator
Format: cd-r

Shifting from brooding and intense croon-laden epics to out-rock experiments that evoke Tortoise ..
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