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Chalk Lines
Artist: Lo-Fi Resistance
Format: CD

Released on the Burning Shed label, Chalk Lines is the second album from guitarist/vocalist Randy..
The Harmogram Suite (Black)
Artist: Marvin Ayres
Format: T-shirt

Live the dream and have your own Marvin Ayres 'Harmogram Suite' premium black t-shirt. Designed b..
Harmogram Suite
Artist: Marvin Ayres
Format: CD/DVD

Marvin Ayres' 'Harmogram Suite' is a six movement composition for cello, string orchestra and cho..
Far Off Country
Artist: Letka
Format: CD

Letka is the latest collaboration between Irish vocalist Sandra O'Neill and English multi-instrum..
Bigger Space - Live In Germany
Artist: Centrozoon
Format: DVD

As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Burning Shed brings Centrozoon's 'Bigger Space' bac..
Some Of These Numbers Mean Something
Artist: Darkroom
Format: CD

Darkroom's latest album, Some Of These Numbers Mean Something - their 8th to date -marks the 10th..
Artist: Roger Eno
Format: CD

Flood was constructed by Roger Eno for the 2008 Salthouse Art Festival in North Norfolk.  ..
Artist: Roger Eno
Format: CD

An exquisite companion piece to Fragile (Music), Roger Eno's Anatomy expands upon the spare, pian..
This Is London 1966
Artist: Globo
Format: CD-R

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense and nearly always very dark and paranoid, This Is London, ..
Failure of the Grand Design
Artist: The Resonance Association
Format: CD

'Failure Of The Grand Design' is The Resonance Association's debut album for Burning Shed.  ..
Blue Dawn
Artist: Andrew Keeling
Format: CD-R

'Blue Dawn' is the collection by acclaimed British composer, Andrew Keeling.    ..
Sampler Three
Artist: Burning Shed
Format: CD-R

Burning Shed's third label sampler was issued in 2007 in a colour printed card wallet. We have no..
Howling for the Highway Home
Artist: Terry Stamp
Format: CD

Terry Stamp followed his acclaimed Burning Shed debut 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' (Un..
Elemental Forces
Artist: Cipher
Format: CD

Cipher's third album Elemental Forces from 2006 found the core duo of Theo Travis and Dave Sturt ..
£9.99 £5.00
Artist: Peter Chilvers
Format: CD

Echoing the powerful and ambitious 1970s solo piano suites by the likes of Keith Jarrett and Chic..
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