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Format: DVD
Artist: Centrozoon
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Centrozoon Bigger Space - Live In Germany DVD-R
As part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, Burning Shed brings Centrozoon's 'Bigger Space' back into print.
Deleted for over five years, the dvd-r offers a fascinating perspective on the short-lived Bowness, Reuter & Woestheinrich incarnation of the band. 
Recorded in the Autumn of 2003 and filmed at a small-scale warm-up performance, 'Bigger Space' is a unique document featuring hidden extras and the evocative black and white images of photographer Telemach Wiesinger.
This short but compelling release provides an ideal companion to 2004's 'Never Trust The Way You Are'.
Featuring seven songs (one hidden), web links, a photo gallery and an audio outtake from NTTWYA, 'Bigger Space' represents the only time this version of Centrozoon were captured on film and provides an intriguing opportunity to witness a remarkable band in intimate surroundings.
Presented with new artwork, this is available as NTSC Region 0 and should play on most players worldwide.
1. Bigger Space (6:56)
2. Make Me Forget (4:45)
3. Pop Killer (3:36)
4. Skylight (7:21)
5. Girl Of The Week (3:43)
6. The Me I Knew (8:13)
7. Carpet demon (hidden visual track) (3:34)
8. Thousand Skins (bonus audio track) (8:27)