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Format: CD-R
Artist: Globo
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This is London 1966 Globo cd-r

Sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense and nearly always very dark and paranoid, This Is London, 1966 is a collection of electronic grooves and moods that reveals the trio's art state at the time. It was mostly put together in 1996, when Britpop was ruling the roost, and electronic music was dominated by genres, none of which could (or would) accomodate Globo. Globo's oblique and often very funny commentaries on the culture they saw around them are probably more powerful in today's context then they were in the 1990s. This Time It's Globo is a manifesto of futurist nostalgia.

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1. This is London, 1966
2. Globo Advance Political
3. The International Hallucination Conspiracy
4. Truly Independent
5. Art Fuckers
6. This is for Lulu
7. Supremacist
8. We All Advance Political
9. Globo Miss you
All songs Wernham/Thompson/Appleton except Truly Independent: Wernham/Thompson/Appleton/Dangers
Voice samples in Globo Miss You, courtesy of ROC
Produced by Paul Thompson for Worldnet Productions
Recorded and mastered at Worldnet Productions between 1996 and 2007