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Format: CD
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
CatNo: BRCDLP-05-S
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dave stewart barbara gaskin green and blue signed cd
Dave & Barbara's first record (a mad electronic re-working of Lesley Gore's 'It's My Party') topped the charts in the UK in 1981. 37 years later, the duo are still producing imaginative and intelligent pop music characterised by Barbara's heavenly vocals and Dave's complex, musically adventurous arrangements.
Their first 21st-century album Green and Blue features long-time collaborators Andy Reynolds (guitar), Gavin Harrison (drums), Peter Blegvad (narration) and the amazing Amorphous Choir of Wales on backing vocals. In a departure from their earlier style, Green and Blue features only one cover version, marking Dave's growing confidence as a songwriter. This is the duo's most varied album to date, combining delicate, heart-rending ballads with moments of heavy metal fury, but the diverse material is unified by the  trademark musicality which underpins all of Dave & Barbara's work.


1. Jupiter Rising (D. Stewart)
2. Walnut Tree Walk (D. Stewart)
3. Let Me Sleep Tonight (D. Stewart)
4. Good Morning Good Morning (Lennon / McCartney)
5. Green & Blue (D. Stewart)
6. Any Guru (D. Stewart)
7. Bed of Leaves (D. Stewart)
8. Rat Circus (D. Stewart)
9. The Sweetwater Sea (Part 1 D. Stewart, Part 2 music D. Stewart, words Peter Blegvad)

(Total running time 67 minutes 36 seconds.)

Green and Blue ships on CD in a full-colour 4-page Digipak with a 12-page colour booklet containing all the song lyrics and a short sleeve note by Dave Stewart.