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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: CD057
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Bill Nelson Electra In Search Of The Golden CD
An intriguing wholly instrumental outing, Electra (In Search Of The Golden Sound) is one of several albums recorded between 2015 and 2019 that have languished unreleased in Bill Nelson's archives for several years. 
‘Electra is an album of guitar soundscapes, ambient improvisations and the occasional jazzy excursion. It continues and develops the style of albums such as Quiet Bells and Silvertone Fountains, but has its own distinct character.' - Bill Nelson
CD in jewel case.
01: A Bell Awakened
02: A Memory Lost
03: The Dust That Falls From Dreams
04: Autumn Vapours
05: The Ache At The Heart Of The World
06: Found In Foreverland
07: Darkness Sparkles
08: Endless Summer Ahead
09: No Thoughts, I Think
10: The Elegant Outsider
11: In Search Of The Golden Sound
12: This River Runs Deep