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Artist: Mandala
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Midnight Twilight Mandala cd


Eighteen years in the making, Mandala's debut album Midnight Twilight is an exhilarating combination of Western and Eastern folk music, mixed with heavier forms of progressive rock, and smothered in an early-1970s production glow. 
Mandala was formed in London in 1997, by Rhys Marsh (voice, guitar), Francis Booth (bass) and Will Spurling (drums). After playing hundreds of concerts across Europe and North America, they disbanded in 2006 without recording an album.
Reunited in 2014, the band finally recorded its debut album (featuring songs written between 1997 - 2005).
The main tracks were recorded live in the studio, in Autumnsongs Recording Studio in Norway, with overdubs being added in Norway and in London.
"Folk-noir" - The Guardian
"Knife-edge atmospheres & Eastern-tinged melodies" - The Independent
"Haunting atmospherics, with an icy edge" - Time Out
"Atmospheric romanticism" - The Metro
"As if Jeff Buckley met Radiohead in a subterranean cellar" - Musician Magazine


1. There's A Wind That Blows [6:44]
2. The Dark Waltz [4:59]
3. Into The Night [3:02]
4. Midnight Twilight [2:26]
5. Sun [4:44]
6. I Have Fallen [4:08]
7. Dreaming [6:55]
8. Ghizou [7:01]
9. Within [4:41]
10. Fire Is Mine [5:52]


Rhys Marsh - voice, guitar, mellotron, sitar, rhodes, rebab, pedal steel
Francis Booth - bass guitar
Will Spurling - drums, percussion, tablas
Anna Giddey - violin
Natalie Rozario - cello
Peter Keserue - harmonium
Recorded & produced by Mandala
Mixed & mastered by Rhys Marsh
Recorded at Autumnsongs Recording Studio, 28th - 30th May, 2nd - 4th June, 2014
Strings recorded at Hackney Road Studio, 21st October 2014
Music by Mandala, lyrics by Rhys Marsh
'There's A Wind That Blows', 'Dreaming', 'Within', 'I Have Fallen', 'Sun' & 'Ghizou' written in 1997
'The Dark Waltz', 'Into The Night' & 'Fire Is Mine' written in 2005
Photography by Laura Ward
Additonal photography by Mandala & Wil Lee-Wright
Design by Francis Booth
Mandala illustration by Charlene Soraia