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The Final Concerts at Fillmore East
Artist: Various Artists
Format: Poster/Print

A poster by designer David Byrd for the last series of concerts at the Fillmore East in June 1971..
Black Light Syndrome
Artist: Bozzio Levin Stevens
Format: CD

Bozzio Levin Stevens' phenomenal all-instrumental debut from 1997. 2022 Cleopatra Records CD ..
The Faintest Idea
Artist: Jon Gomm
Format: Vinyl

Acoustic guitar virtuoso Jon Gomm combines deep emotions with immense melodic pop lands..
Attack Of The Grey Lantern
Artist: Mansun
Format: Vinyl

A single black LP edition of Mansun's Attack Of The Grey Lantern to coincide with t..
25 Years The Chain
Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Format: Boxset

A Fleetwood Mac 4CD compilation box set - originally released in 1992 - featuring tracks spanning..
The Guitar Circle
Artist: Robert Fripp
Format: Book/Magazine

The long-awaited first book from Robert Fripp (guitarist and founder member of King Crimson), The..
Continental Balcony Twilight
Artist: GNAC
Format: CD

An anthology of 37 early recordings by GNAC from 1990-1999.    An extre..
Pearl Jam On Track
Artist: Ben L. Connor
Format: Book/Magazine

Pearl Jam On Track is a track-by-track analysis of one of the most significant artists to emerge ..
Artist: The Durutti Column
Format: Vinyl

Black vinyl release of Fidelity, the 1996 studio album by The Durutti Column. Feat..
Tommy (Half Speed Master)
Artist: The Who
Format: Vinyl

A half-speed mastered version of The Who's era and career-defining album, Tom..
The Who Sell Out (Half Speed Master)
Artist: The Who
Format: Vinyl

A half-speed mastered version of The Who's mighty Psychedelic concept release Sell Out.  ..
Songs For While I’m Away + The Boys Are Back In Town Live (BD/DVD/CD)
Artist: Phil Lynott + Thin Lizzy
Format: CD/Blu-Ray

A limited edition Blu-Ray/DVD/CD set containing the acclaimed Phil Lynott documentary&n..
Songs For While I’m Away + The Boys Are Back In Town Live
Artist: Phil Lynott + Thin Lizzy
Format: CD/DVD

A limited edition 2DVD/CD set containing the acclaimed Phil Lynott documentary A Song For Wh..
Face The Face (Yellow)
Artist: Pete Townshend's Deep End
Format: Vinyl

Recorded for the German TV series Rockpalast in Cannes in January 1986. Pete Townshend’s Deep End..
Got The Fire – Complete Recordings 1973-1976
Artist: Montrose
Format: Boxset

A comprehensive collection of the early 1970s work of Classic Rock outfit Montrose, featuring the..
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