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Plug 8 Thrust Coil
Artist: Quoit
Format: cd-r

The legendary Mick Harris (Lull/Napalm Death/Bill Laswell) makes his Burning Shed debut with a ty..
The Cult Of Bibbiboo
Artist: Centrozoon
Format: cd

Centrozoon's third album is by far their most ambitious and experimental to date. Fusing looped S..
Different Sounds
Artist: Faceless
Format: cd-r

A breezy and charming blend of trip-hop, Dream Pop and chill-out Ibiza, recalling Lovesighs-era N..
Urban Mutant
Artist: UXB
Format: cd-r

Arguably, Pete Morgan's Trance project UXB was Orbital's more talented little brother. Collected ..
Artist: Os
Format: cd-r

At last a proper CD release for the work of's favourite and spikiest son. Co..
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