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Format: CD-R
Artist: Alphabet Saints
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CD-R Alphabet Saints Raptureland
lphabet Saints' blend of epic and seductive Art Pop is the brainchild of journalist Chris Roberts and multi-instrumentalist Hamilton Lee (ex-Furniture and Transglobal Underground).
The band's debut recalls the croonsome grandeur of early Roxy Music and the sophisticated verbal playfulness of The Velvet Underground combined with a distinctive electro-pop panache.
'File next to Bowie, Roxy, Blue Nile, Paddy McAloon.' - The Guardian
'Channelling the spirit of Suicide, Eno-era Roxy, Lou Reed, and Bowie circa Station To Station. Quite a trick.' - The Independent
'A sophisticated, clever debut.' - Rockfeedback
1. European Girl 
2. Jessica's Heartbreak
3. Let your hair down
4. Raptureland 
5. My last desire
6. What's in the cat (is in the kitten)
7. Helpless victim
8. Fling
9. Love or nothing
10. The Map
11. Carry on Marianne