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Artist: Alias Grace
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Debut album by the songwriters with the atmospheric touch, first released in 1998. The album also features 'Talk Simple', a reworking of the lyric of No-Man's 'Tulip', and a guest appearance by Tim Bowness.
1. Talk simple (Music Chilvers, Lyrics Bowness) 
2. Angel (O'Neill) 
3. Man on the moon (O'Neill) 
4. Let it go (Chilvers) 
5. Make the luck you need (Chilvers) 
6. Time flown (Music Chilvers / O'Neill, Lyrics Chilvers) 
7. Butterfly (O'Neill) 
8. Cry sweet child (Music Chilvers / O'Neill, Lyrics Chilvers) 
9. Counting the stars (Chilvers) 
10. Embers (Music O'Neill / Chilvers, Lyrics O'Neill) 
11. Walk into the wind (Chilvers) 
12. Do not stand at my grave and weep (Music Chilvers, Lyrics Anon.)
Sandra O'Neill
Peter Chilvers
Piano, Fretless Bass, Synth, Guitar (1,6,10,12), Chapman Stick (7), Vocal (6,10,12) 
Dan Bird -  Drums (1,3,5,6,7) 
Jim Bird - Guitar (2,3,5,8) 
Tim Bowness  -  Backing Vocal (8) 
Os -  Additional mixing (8) 
Cover Photo - Myke Clifford
All tracks produced and mixed by Peter Chilvers
Copyright Alias Grace 1998