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Artist: Autumn
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Autumn Oceanworld Flac
Recorded in 1977 and 1978, Autumn's 'Oceanworld' was an unashamedly ambitious and symphonic instrumental album totally at odds with prevailing late '70s trends.
Left unreleased until 1999, the 36 minute release possesses a highly romantic and very English quality, containing influences from Progressive (Genesis, Yes, Enid, Hackett) and Fusion (Return To Forever) musics.
A truly fascinating 'hidden history', Autumn included Nick Magnus (Steve Hackett, The Enid) and Robbie Dobson (The Enid, Hawkwind) in its ranks.
'A Prog Rock masterpiece.' - Francois Couture (All Music)
'A little gem.' -
16bit/44.1kHz Flac
1. Oceanworld (13:08) 
2. Some Like It Crunchy (8:34) 
3. Little Finger Excercise (8:35) 
4. The Celebrated Court Jester (4:15) 
5. Oceanworld (Reprise) (1:30) 
Nick Magnus - keyboards 
Robbie Dobson - percussion 
Steve Hoff - bass 
Mark Easton - guitars