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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Alta Forma
CatNo: TM20221B
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Alta Forma Spatium and Tempus Vinyl Antoine Fafard

Spatium & Tempus is the debut album by Alta Forma, a project led by Antoine Fafard (guitar/bass), featuring JK Harrison (vocals) and Todd Sucherman (drums).


Antoine's first venture into vocal music, the album's songs reflect diverse musical influences, from 1970s Prog titans, to Fusion elements and classic Rock innovators from the 1960s.


180g black vinyl in gatefold sleeve.

1. Comfort Zone (4:32)
2. Impossible Hero (4:37)
3. Climbing to Infinity (4:43)
4. Never After (5:09)
5. Invisible Time (3:29)
1. Time to Dive (3:27)
2. Hear Now (5:00)
3. His Mind's Universe (6:16)
4. Apocalyptus (6:24)