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Format: CD
Artist: Thomas Dolby
CatNo: 4050538386011
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Thomas Dolby Hyperactive Electronica 2CD
A comprehensive budget-priced introduction to the work of Art / Synth Pop genius Thomas Dolby.
Contains all of Dolby’s prominent hits plus ambitious gems such as Budapest By Blimp, Screen Kiss, One Of Our Submarines and much more.
Double CD in digipak.
1. Hyperactive!
2. Europa And The Pirate Twins
3. Radio Silence
4. Screen Kiss
5. Valley Of The Mind's Eye
6. I Scare Myself
7. The Devil Is An Englishman
8. Windpower
9. Dissidents
10. Eastern Bloc
11. Airhead
12. Cruel
13. The Ability To Swing
14. Neon Sisters
1. She Blinded Me With Science
2. One Of Our Submarines
3. The Flat Earth
4. Beauty Of A Dream
5. Budapest By Blimp
6. I Love You Goodbye
7. Urges
8. Pulp Culture
9. Close But No Cigar
10. Leipzig
11. Silk Pyjamas
12. May The Cube Be With You
13. Airwaves
14. My Brain Is Like A Sieve