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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Love
CatNo: SMALP950
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Love Forever Changes Concert vinyl


The legendary Love perform their most celebrated album Forever Changes at the Royal Festival Hall in 2003.
Originally released in 1967, Forever Changes fusion of acid-folk and psychedelia has mesmerised generations of musicians and fans.
This first ever vinyl release for the concert is packaged in a deluxe double gatefold 2LP set and is on 180g heavyweight vinyl.
'It's almost impossible not to be blown away. Even the ushers get the shivers.'  NME
'From the mariachi fanfares of Bryan Mclean's Alone Again Or through to a devastating version You Set The Scene, perfectly reproduced.' Uncut
'Faultless.' The Independent


1. Alone Again Or [4:00]
2. A House Is Not A Motel [4:06]
3. Andmoreagain [4:05]
4. The Daily Planet [3:42]
5. Old Man [3:28]
1. The Red Telephone [7:05]
2. Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark And Hilldale [3:57]
3. Live And Let Live [5:13]
4. The Good Humor Man He Sees Everything Like This [3:39]
1. Bummer In The Summer [2:31]
2. You Set The Scene [7:11]
3. Orange Skies [3:10]
4. She Comes In Colors [3:00]
5. Listen To My Song [2:45]
1. August [5:04]
2. Seven And Seven Is [2:24]
3. Your Mind And We Belong Together [4:12]
4. Signed DC [6:46]
5. My Little Red Book [2:31]