Price: £33.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: David Bowie
CatNo: 0190295474096
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David Bowie VH1 Storytellers limited double vinyl

The most complete version of David Bowie’s intimate and emotive 1999 performance at The Manhattan Centre’s Grand Ballroom available as a limited double vinyl edition.

Side 1:
1. Life On Mars?
2. Rebel Rebel (truncated)
3. Thursday's Child
Side 2:
1. Can't Help Thinking About Me
2. China Girl
3. Seven
Side 3:
1. Drive-In Saturday
2. Word On A Wing
3. Survive*
Side 4:
1. I Can't Read*
2. Always Crashing In The Same Car*
3. If I'm Dreaming My Life*
*Bonus recordings not included on the original CD