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Format: CD
Artist: Rocking Horse Music Club
CatNo: PLGCD003
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Rocking Horse Music Club Circus of Wire Dolls 2CD
The Rocking Horse Music Club’s genre-defying rock opera Circus of Wire Dolls features performances from Noel McCalla (Smallcreep’s Day), Tim Bowness, Chris Difford (Squeeze), Ms Amy Birks, Sing Gospel Choir of London, David Cross, Kenwood Dennard (Brand X), John Hackett, Greg Hawkes (The Cars), Rob Townsend, Kate St John (Dream Academy) and many more.
The album tells the story of a man who creates a miniature circus out of wire, string, and cloth. In his imagination, the performers of his circus come to life with human thoughts and emotions. As the circus plays out, the performers each tell their own stories, revealing the aspirations, fears, and thoughts of their creator. 
Band leader Brian Coombes is joined by RHC members including Justin Cohn and Patrik Gochez.
Double CD edition with 24 page booklet.
While the progressive rock of Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Rush was the album’s primary influence, the band also drew inspiration from 1960’s baroque/symphonic pop (the Beatles, the Zombies, and Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys), art rock/glam (Roxy Music, David Bowie, Queen, TRex), 1980’s new wave (Tears for Fears, the Cars, Squeeze), and touches of gospel, jazz fusion, folk/americana, and modern musical theatre. 
Producer Brian Coombes augmented the band’s rock format with orchestral and acoustic instrumentation, backing vocal arrangements, and vintage keyboards, including mellotron, optigan, electric pianos, celeste, and the famous Mrs Mills and Challen pianos from Abbey Road
01 Prologue: Riverside 03:49
02 Circus of Wire Dolls 08:45
03 Packed Up (feat. Noel McCalla) 03:28
04 Senseless Sky 02:46
05 Animate in 5/8 (feat. Noel McCalla and Caroline Carter) 04:13
06 To Reach the Other Side 02:58
07 Will You Be My Downfall? (feat. Caroline Carter) 03:52 
08 So Little Left (feat. Tim Bowness) 03:58
09 It's Not About You 04:05
10 Trapeze Waltz (feat. Amy Birks) 04:14
11 Burn (feat. Caroline Carter) 04:41
12 Cut from a Different Cloth (feat. Chris Difford)  04:06
01 Face of Rain 04:00
02 0300 04:54
03 SY22 05:15
04 Lost a Piece of Me 01:28
05 House Party at Jack's 01:58
06 Flowers in November 04:00
07 Every Show Must End (feat. Noel McCalla) 07:59
08 All Shall Be Well (feat. Evelyn Cormier) 04:04
09 Circus Waltz (feat. David Cross) 04:03
10 Coda: Slide Down the Cellar Door 06:21