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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Gryphon
CatNo: PLG088(c)
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Gryphon Get Out Of My Fathers Car Sky blue vinyl

Get Out Of My Father's Car! is the seventh studio album from the legendary Gryphon.

Limited sky blue vinyl 180g vinyl edition cut from hi-res masters.

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Side One
1. Get Out Of My Father’s Car (Graeme Taylor/Brian Gulland) 4.04
2. A Bit of Music By Me (Andy and Gary Findon) 4.47
3. Percy The Defective Perspective Detective (Brian Gulland) 2.30
4. A Stranger Kiss (Clare Taylor) 4.19
5. Suite for ’68 (Andy and Gary Findon) 5.03
6. The Brief History of a Bassoon (Graeme Taylor) 2.57
Side Two
1. Krum Dancing (Graeme Taylor/Andy Findon) 5.25
2. Forth Sahara (Rob Levy) 3.46
3. Christina's Song (Clare Taylor/Christina Rossetti) 3.40
4. Normal Wisdom From The Swamp… (a sonic tonic) (Brian Gulland) 5.10
5. Parting Shot (Graeme Taylor) 5.52