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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tormentor
CatNo: VILELP659
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Tormentor Recipe Ferrum! Peaceville double vinyl
Tormentor’s experimental classic Recipe Ferrum! (2000) available on vinyl for the first time.
Created after a long period of inactivity (the band having originally split in 1991), Recipe Ferrum! is Tormentor’s most diverse release (and its last to date). Unconventional, unsettling and wholly unafraid to push beyond the boundaries of extreme Metal, Recipe Ferrum! effortlessly encompasses a wide variety of eclectic moods and genre styles, exploring avant garde and theatrical elements to create an entirely unique album experience. 
2018 Peaceville double vinyl edition in gatefold. 
Side A
1. Intro: Blood, Soul, Sun, Power, Dark, Love, Night, History 
2. Intro - Recipe Ferrum! 
3. Recipe Ferrum! 
4. Intro - Iron County 
5. Iron County 
Side B
1. The Little Match Girl 
2. Intro - Dracula! 
3. Dracula! 
Side C
1. Cara Mia 
2. Intro - Paprika Jancsi 
3. Paprika Jancsi 
4. Hany Istok 
Side D
1. A Hetszunyu Kaponyanyi Monyok 
2. Brummadza 
3. Hany Istok (Barlang mix) 
4. Outro - A' Ordog - The Devil