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Artist: Pentagram
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Turn to Stone Pentagram Peaceville cd compilation
Starting life in the early 1970s, US band Pentagram are one of the most enduring and influential underground bands in Heavy Metal history.
Influenced by British bands The Groundhogs & Black Sabbath, their own take on Doom Metal has subsequently influenced everyone from Paradise Lost to Cathedral. 
Peaceville signed the band in the mid 1990's and released the 3 classic albums: Relentless, Day Of Reckoning & Be Forewarned.
The band was almost 15 years old before they recorded their first album. Led by mysterious front man Bobby Liebling, the band's volatile membership made it difficult to maintain any kind of momentum and kept them confined to metal's outer fringes.
In the mid 70's Kiss members Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley made their way to Arlington to watch Pentagram rehearse. The duo wanted the band to sign to their own label but this never happened as the band were finding it difficult to keep a solid line-up. After years of silence Liebling met a musical soul mate in local drummer Joey Hasselvander. Hasselvander had joined a new group called Death Row, which featured a young, guitarist named Victor Griffin. When Liebling stopped by for a jam, creative sparks flew almost immediately and with the addition of bassist Martin Swaney, Pentagram was resurrected.
  1. Petrified
  2. Wartime
  3. All Your Sins
  4. Frustration
  5. Burning Saviour
  6. Sinister
  7. Bride Of Evil
  8. When The Screams Come
  9. Relentless
  10. Vampire Love
  11. Evil Seed
  12. The Ghoul
  13. Wolf's Blood
  14. Madman
  15. 20 Buck Spin
  16. Death Row
  17. Live Free And Burn