Price: £50.00
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Morta Skuld
CatNo: VILELP1085-TP
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Morta_Skuld Creation_Undone Test_Pressing

Rare Test Pressing of Creation Undone by Morta Skuld.

The 2024 studio album from Morta Skuld, the revered masters of US Death Metal.
Scaling new heights of brutality, Creation Undone is a work of inspired extremity from frontman and mastermind Dave Gregor and co. 
Vinyl in single white sleeve. Please note this does NOT come with a printed album sleeve.
1 We Rise We Fall
2 The End Of Reason
3 Painful Conflict
4 Unforeseen Obstacles
5 Perfect Prey
1 Soul Piercing Sorrow
2 Into Temptation
3 Self Destructive Emotions
4 Oblivion
5 By Design