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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Candlemass
Availability: 31-05-2024
CatNo: EBVILE031
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Candlemass Tritonus_Nights Triple_coloured_vinyl Limited
Tritonus Nights includes stellar recent performances of both the Epicus Doomicus Metallicus and Nightfall albums in their entirety.
Recorded at the esteemed Södra Teatern in Stockholm, Sweden in November 2021, the double-night event provided a fitting platform for Candlemass to celebrate the 35th anniversaries of both iconic titles.
Limited edition triple coloured vinyl in a slipcase plus additional booklet. Side D of the Nightfall double vinyl contains a special etched design.
With a line-up consisting of Lars Johansson, Mappe Björkman, Leif Edling, Janne Lindh, & Johan Längquist, Candlemass captivates a spellbound audience with renditions of numerous classic doom tracks such as ‘Solitude’, ‘Demon’s Gate’, ‘The Well of Souls’ & ‘Bewitched’, plus also notable is the inclusion of the pre-‘Epicus…’ track ‘Battlecry’ as a rare live treat. With professionally recorded & mixed sound, & with mastering work undertaken by Patrick Engel at Temple of Disharmony, ‘Tritonus Nights’ is Candlemass captured at their magnificent best.
Candlemass was formed by bassist and songwriter Leif Edling in Stockholm, Sweden in the mid-80s. With a healthy influence primarily coming from bands such as UK heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath, Candlemass quickly became established for their epic brand of atmospheric doom metal, with undisputed genre classics such as 1986’s debut album ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ & 1987’s follow-up opus, ‘Nightfall’ inspiring subsequent generations of the genre’s metal heroes.
1 Solitude (live)
2 Demon's Gate (live)
3 Crystal Ball (live)
1 Black Stone Wielder (live)
2 Under The Oak (live)
3 A Sorcerer's Pledge (live)
1 The Well Of Souls (live)
2 Codex Gigas (live)
3 At The Gallow`s End (live)
1 Samarithan (live)
2 Dark Are The Veils Of Death (live)
3 Battlecry (live)
1 Mourner's Lament (live)
2 Bewitched (live)