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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: VILELP1093
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Anathema Serenades Cream_marble_vinyl Limited Peaceville
A limited cream marble-effect vinyl edition of Anathema's debut Serenades marking 30 years since its original release.
A superb blend of fragility and raging aggression.
Anathema formed in Liverpool in 1990, initially under the name of Pagan Angel & grew from a heavy doom/death metal style act into a more progressive & melodic group, blending rock elements with strong atmospherics inspired by classic acts such as Pink Floyd & Radiohead. The band signed with Peaceville Records after recording the ‘All Faith Is Lost’ demo in 1991, and is known for being part of the hallowed Peaceville doom metal trinity in the early 1990’s (alongside fellow UK bands Paradise Lost & My Dying Bride), with some highly influential releases in the early part of their long, esteemed career.
A mature and majestic display of pure heaviness mixed with sorrowful melody to conjure an ethereal work of Doom Metal magic, Anathema’s 1993 debut ’Serenades’ clearly demonstrated that this was a band who stood apart from many of their competitors, able to effortlessly transition from the dark foreboding of tracks such as ‘They (Will Always) Die’, to more sensitively textured moments as witnessed on the acoustic guitar-laden ‘J’ai Fair une Promesse’.
1 Lovelorn Rhapsody
2 Sweet Tears
3 J'ai Fait Une Promesse
4 They (Will Always) Die
1 Sleepless
2 Sleep In Sanity
3 Scars Of The Old Stream
4 Under A Veil (Of Black Lace)
5 Where Shadows Dance