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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally & Beer For Dolphins
CatNo: EXOWAX2404
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Mike Keneally Beer For Dol Dancing cd

On his eighth album from 2000, Dancing, MK invited Beer For Dolphins, his masterful eight-piece band, into the studio to lay down nearly 80 minutes of gleefully adventurous, yet heartfelt, Keneally music

1. Live In Japan
2. Ankle Bracelet
3. Poo-Tee-Weet?
4. Backwards Deb
5. We'll Be Right Back
6. Joe
7. Pretty Enough For Girls
8. Taster
9. Dancing
10. Selfish Otter
11. Only Mondays
12. Lhai Sal
13. The Mystery Music
14. The Brown Triangles
15. MM
16. I Was Not Ready For You
17. Ragged Ass
18. Skull Bubbles
19. Friends And Family
20. Kedgeree