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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Enid
CatNo: SMALP1017
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In The Region Of The Summer Star The Enid Vinyl

Please note, this final copy has various creases around the edge of the front cover. Sold as seen, no returns.

In the Region Of The Summer Stars is the first release in the Madfish label Enid reissue series. 
The band's debut from 1976 marked the emergence of a truly singular Progressive Rock institution and unveiled the band's uniquely uncompromising fusion of Classical and Rock music.
Formed by friends in 1974, by turns powerful and romantic, throughout its long career, The Enid's music has constantly avoided cliche and bravely carved its own niche (building a dedicated following in the process).
Originally released by EMI, it was believed that the masters of ITROTSS had been lost (the band subsequently released a re-recorded version of the album in 1984). 
Remastered by The Enid's Max Read, this 180g heavyweight vinyl release features the original artwork and master recordings (taken from the 1976 master tapes, which were later found in the vaults at Abbey Road studios). 
'The quintessentially English Prog group.' - Tim Jones, Record Collector Magazine
'Pink Floyd meets the Berlin Philharmonic!' - Time Out
'The most majestic rock band of all time.' - Band On The Wall



Side 1:
1. The Fool..The Falling Tower (6:16)
2. Death, The Reaper (3:59)
3. The Lovers (5:17)
4. The Devil (4:14)
Side 2:
1. The Sun (4:39)
2. The Last Judgement (8:12)
3. In The Region Of The Summer Stars (6:19) 


- Robert John Godfrey / keyboards
- Stephen Stewart / guitars, bass
- Francis Lickerish / guitars
- Glen Tollet / bass
- Dave Storey (Robbie Dobson credited instead) (on original album only) / drums and percussion 
- Chris North (on re-recorded version only) / drums and percussion 
- Piano solo on "The Lovers" by RJG 
- Dave Hancock / trumpet solo on "The Sun" and bridge passage between "The Judgement" and "In The Region"