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Artist: Halo Effect
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Halo Effect Halo Effect Mp3


'This is a guitar album.
There are no keyboards or sound effects on this recording. All the sounds were created by an acoustic guitar (for those interested in such things, a 1973 Alvarez classical with very old strings) which has been digitally processed to varying degrees, sometimes minimally, other times until the original signal is unrecognizable. To create each piece, multiple tracks were improvised separately, without a set key or tempo. The various ideas were then edited, combined, and layered together to form these songs. I hope you enjoy them.'
Jim Matheos, January 2014
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1. Halo Effect 1 (5:27)
2. Halo Effect 2 (4:25)
3. Halo Effect 3 (4:06)
4. Halo Effect 4 (7:07)
5. Halo Effect 5 (5:18)
6. Halo Effect 6 (4:50)
7. Halo Effect 7 (7:47)
8. Halo Effect 8 (3:15)