Price: £7.99
Format: CD
Artist: Engineers
CatNo: KSCOPE396_del
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Engineers In Praise Of More cd
A 2016 Kscope label mid-price double cd reissue of Engineers' third album In Praise Of More.
The second disc contains an instrumental version of the album.
Presented in super jewel case packaging.
'Superb. Like Animal Collective with Phil Spector at the controls.' NME
1. What It's Worth [3:49]
2. Subtober [4:25]
3. Las Vega [4:10]
4. Press Rewind [4:06]
5. There Will Be Time [2:38]
6. To An Evergreen [5:17]
7. Twenty Paces [6:09]
8. In Praise Of More [3:36]
9. Nach House [3:49]