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Format: CD
Artist: David Cross and Andrew Keeling
CatNo: Noisy006
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andrew keeling david cross english sun cd

Flautist Andrew Keeling, best known as a composer and King Crimson musicologist, and former King Crimson violinist David Cross collaborate on a series of ethereal improvisations.

An exquisite collection of melodic and adventurous electric violin and flute duets, the music on English Sun exhibits a rare chemistry and unique soundworld that goes beyond its creators' obvious Classical and Rock backgrounds.

Electric Chamber Music at its most beguiling.

1) Half Light
2) Moth
3) Dido
4) Sun and Moon
5) Lamentoso
6) Clear Sky
7) Shiny Head
8) High Scree
9) Soldier Poet
David Cross - electric violin
Andrew Keeling - flute, keyboards and guitar
Produced by David Cross, Andrew Keeling, Alex Scannell and Roland Heap.
Artwork by Chiemi Cross. Photography by Andrew Keeling, Sue Keeling and Chiemi Cross.
Website: Mark Graham.
Noisy Records, 2009. Noisy 006