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Format: CD
Artist: Bill Nelson
CatNo: MOCCD14130
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Bill Nelson Chimera CD Mick Karn

Chimera - from 1983 - was one Bill Nelson's most inventive and accessible outings.

Nelson is accompanied by the mighty yet precise Yukihiro Takahashi (from Yellow Magic Orchestra) on drums and the driving fretless bass of Japan’s Mick Karn.

This version is rounded out by 3 remixes of Acceleration and the b-side, Hard Facts From The Fiction Department. 


1. The Real Adventure 4:11
2. Acceleration 3:56
3. Every Day Feels Like Another New Drug 4:38
4. Tender Is The Night 5:09
5. Glow World 4:05
6. Another Day, Another Ray Of Hope 5:22
Bonus Tracks 
7. Hard Facts From The Fiction Department 3:35
8. Acceleration (Long Version) 6:33
9. Acceleration (Dub) 6:53
10. Acceleration (Short Version) 3:49