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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Yes
CatNo: SOUMLP082
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Yes Talk_30th_Anniversary White_2LP Jon_Anderson Trevor_Rabin
Talk (1994) was the 14th studio album by Yes, and the last to feature Trevor Rabin, Tony Kaye and the celebrated 90125 line-up.
To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the album has been reissued with all tracks mastered from the best available sources by Andy Pearce
Includes extensive sleeve notes by Jerry Ewing (who speaks to Trevor Rabin and Jon Anderson about the writing and recording of this neglected classic).
Entirely recorded digitally, Talk is one of the band’s most groundbreaking releases combining grand ambition, memorable melodies, ethereal beauty and powerful riffs.
“ Glorious!  It was like a renaissance of Yes to me.” - Jon Anderson
Limited white double vinyl edition, with the addition of the 'Special' version of the hit single, The Calling.
1. The Calling 6:52
2. I Am Waiting 7:22
1. 8:42
2. State of Play 4:58
3. Walls 4:52
1. Where Will You Be 6:03
2. Endless Dream: Silent Spring (Instrumental) 1:56
3. Endless Dream: Talk 11:56
4. Endless Dream: Endless Dream 1:50
1. The Calling - Special Version
Jon Anderson : Vocals
Trevor Rabin : Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals
Chris Squire : Bass Guitar, Vocals
Tony Kaye : Hammond Organ
Alan White : Drums