Three years in the making, the new Wizards of Twiddly album, 'People With Purpose' - released on their own Fracture For Pleasure label - features material penned since the band reconvened in 2004, as well as material first aired on the band's live appearances with Kevin Ayers in the mid 1990's ('Just Above Your Thing', 'Sounds of Success' 'The Great Unwashed'). 
John Ellis (Corrine Bailey Rae, Lily Allen) contributes additional keyboards throughout and the late, great Jimmy Carl Black (Zappa's Mothers of Invention / Beefheart's Magic Band) provides vocals on 'Hooverman' & 'Ping Pong Head'.
''People With Purpose' is a manic jaunt through blaring horns, enigmatic vocals and frenzied bursts of guitar, which is all tied together with the deepest rhythmic grooves you could hope for. Mad, bad and dangerously addictive.' - Steven Reid 
''Yes, they're still quirky always bittersweet, richly detailed and with a down-to-earth brilliance. With People With Purpose the Wizards Of Twiddly have created a richly detailed living thing of an album, something that sounds absolutely honest and engaging with their real world.'' - The Organ ('Thing of The Day') May 2011 
''This is album of the year for me .The Twids have returned with an album every bit as strong as "Independent Legs" and "Man Made Self" - and sounding even better. The recording and production work is flawless. They have never sounded so good '' - Nick Loebner - 21st Century Progressive Rock 
1. people with purpose
2. just above your thing
3. cardboard banjo
4. big bigger bigot
5. sounds of success
6. anti tank tank
7. hooverman
8. interlude
9. cyber nipple
10. adverse camber
11. bless this tank
12. the great unwashed
13. ping pong head
14. burned alive