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Format: CD
Artist: Carlo Bowry
CatNo: BS_426_CD
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Carlo Bowry Ear Candy cd
A beautifuly handcrafted instrumental album from the Wizard of Twiddly guitarist Carlo Bowry. Many may also know him from his years touring with the Zappa tribute band the Muffin Men. These tracks are intended as a slap up meal of Carlo twiddling, an imaginative feast for the sense of hearing (though it is nice to look at too). Some tunes are quite old, "There be Ghosts" was written for a show peformed by the Wizards many moons ago, others are relatively new compositions. All have been recorded and reworked and presented for your earbuds in a special low fat CD format.*
*(Please don't eat the CD because you were stupid enough to actually eat a CD and then complain to me or the nice people at Burningshed)
1. Avanti (here we go)
2. A city underwater
3. Dirty boogie
4. Paranoid Road
5. The girl with the bright orange face
6. Gubel
7. There be ghosts
8. Chancer
9. Sweaty Breasts
11.Brush Blues
All guitars (Acoustic, electric and lap steel),bass,keyboards and computer programming by Carlo Bowry.
Bass and drums on Brush Blues by Jack Stephens and Craig Connet.
Ghosty vocals on "There be Ghosts" by Linzy Boden.