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Format: cd
Artist: Toyah
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Toyah Anthem cd
Toyah's 1981 commercial breakthrough Anthem contained the hits I Want To Be Free and It's A Mystery as well as the likes of the more experimental Pop Star and Jungles Of Jupiter.
1999 Connoisseur Collection edition featuring 6 additional tracks and the video for I Want To Be Free (cd-rom format).
Once Upon A Time...
1) I Want To Be Free
2) Obsolete
3) Pop Star
4) Elocution Lesson (The Door Is A Whore)
5) Jungles Of Jupiter
6) I Am
Happy Ever After?
7) It's A Mystery
8) Masai Boy
9) Marionette
10) Demolition Men
11) We Are
Bonus Tracks:
12) Walkie Talkie
13) Alien
14) Revelations
15) For You
16) War Boys
17) Angels & Demons
I Want To Be Free (video, cd-rom)