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Format: CD
Artist: Stefano Panunzi
CatNo: ER-CD01/09
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a rose stefano panunzi cd
Fjieri member Stefano Pununzi's second solo album from 2009 was a sublime mixture of exotic ballads, rich textures and Art Rock adventurism and a fitting follow up to 2005's Timelines.
Features Mick Karn, Tim Bowness, Thomas Leer, Giancarlo Erra, Robbie Aceto, Sandra O'Neil, Theo Travis and Markus Reuter.
1. State Of Mind
2. Fades
3. On Line, Now!
4. Child Of Your Time
5. I Miss You
6. Unreality
7. Where Is My Soul
8. The Bridge
9. Tonight
10. Lights And Shades